Christmas at Bishopsland , 2018, sterling silver.


Mentorship with Hendrik Forster, 2018, sterling silver and fine silver.


Senses of Place, 2016, silk, sterling silver, fine silver, oxidised and gold plated sterling silver.

Senses of Place, 2016, sterling silver and oxidised copper.

Senses of Place is inspired by her environment, combining the concept of ‘Place Identity’, with new geographical concepts of ‘Sensuous Identity’

 Place is not only a geographical location in space. The concept of ‘Place Identity’ is unique to each specific environment encompassing the different factors to each particular experience. Childhood experiences create an emotional connectedness to objects and places at that time.

 ‘Sensuous Geography’ allows for another way of looking at place through personal geography and place, where no two persons have the same reality. Place is a centre of meaning that is constructed by individual experiences involving all the senses creating memory and meaning (internal meaning) in which all the senses have worked in conjunction with one another.